Master Baiter

How to play:

Use WASD to perform the movement, click the mouse to spin, the left mouse to cast the fishing rod, key G to drop the fish, and key B to purchase items.

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About Master Baiter

Master Baiter

Here comes an awesome fishing competition in Master Baiter game! Are you ready to join it to hone your fishing skill and compete against many competitors from around the world? Master Baiter unblocked promises to become one of the best io games to master. As you know, going fishing is a very awesome thing to do in real life. Now, you can play it online with plenty of friends. All of you will enter a fishing contest where you must attempt to catch as many fishes as possible using your fishing rod. To catch them, you muse bait them and use some good tactics to catch bigger fishes for more experience points. Once your experience bar is full, you will receive better results, which gets you closer to the victory. The player with the most number of fish at the end of the contest will become the winner. Are you ready? Join it now and have some fun!

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