How to play:

Control the jellyfish by using the mouse. Speed it up with left mouse button.

Rating game:

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About puts you in the shoes of a jellyfish trying to grow up your size. Just like other Multiplayer games that focus on eating and surviving, this game will also let you freely roam around the vast ocean filled with a lot of tasty bubbles. You are supposed to eat them up and try to increase your size to make your jellyfish bigger. You will come across other opponent jellyfish that hunt for the bubbles as well. Make sure you avoid the larger ones and try to absorb the smaller ones. You aim to reach a large size so that you can get a chance to rule the whole arena. However, there are plenty of dangers that you must elude while moving around, especially the Medusas’ tails. If you hit one of those tails, you will die instantly. Try your hardest to survive longer and become the strongest jellyfish. Hope you have fun with it!

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