How to play:

Use keys WASD for the movement. Look around with the mouse. Pick up more items or attack the enemies with left mouse button or spacebar. Use keys 1—9 to pick the items.

Rating game:

11 1


Moomoo io

You have a farm in game, but it’s in danger! Jump in this awesome Multiplayer iO game right now to defend your farm and fight against lots of other players now. You are supposed to create a lot of buildings and defensive stuff around your farm. To do so, you must harvest a lot of resources such as bushes, rocks, or trees by moving around the map. Then, use them wisely to craft a lot of useful items that can boost your farm’s strength and make it unbeatable. The more invincible it is, the more points it will generate. When you have a lot of points, you will be able to reach the highest rank on the leaderboard. Make sure you keep an eye on the enemies, they will try to attack your farm and destroy it anytime they can. So, you need to provide your farm with full protection. Are you ready? Join the game now!

Video Demo