How to play:

Move your character by using arrow keys. Press spacebar to shoot the ball, and use the booster with key A.

Rating game:

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Try to become the best football player of all in a fun Multiplayer game called! There are lots of other players that will play against you in this iO game, so you need to use your excellent skills to defeat all of them. Once joining, you will become a member of a specific team and your main objective is to lead your team to the final victory. Roam around the map, snatch up the ball and be sure to shoot it into the right goals to earn more points. You have to get past all other defenders of the enemy team, never let them take the ball, stop them from interrupting you and always stay focused on the match. Preparing your strategies will give you more advantages to cope with the assaults of the enemies. Don’t forget to defend yourself and try to survive longer! See if you can become the champion or not!

Video Demo

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