How to play:

Control the frog by using your mouse. Click left mouse button to accelerate it.

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Being a tadpole must be very fun! You will take on a role of a little tadpole in and try your hardest to defeat other opponent tadpoles controlled by real players. This is a nice Multiplayer iO game with awesome features, amazing gameplay and tough challenges. You are supposed to roam around the map in order to find more food and eat them up for growing your size. Besides hunting for the food, killing the enemies then eating their dead remains is also a good way for you to increase your mass. However, you are required to have good strategies and excellent skills if you want to get rid of other opponents. To do so, you need to speed up your tadpole, which will create a trail of lily pads behind you when moving. Then, you have to use your tactics to lure and force the foes to crash into those lily pads, killing them instantly. Make sure you avoid their lily pads and always defend yourself! Good luck!

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