How to play:

Control your character by using the mouse, click left mouse button or tap spacebar for firing.

Rating game:

3 0


Start playing game right now to test your skills and see how long you can last! You begin the game with a selection of a cute creature before spawning into the arena. Your main task is to direct your character around the map to eat food so you can grow up faster and gain more strength. Make sure you aim carefully, have accurate shots, then you can totally take out all enemies before they try to hit you. Getting hit will be a game over for you easily, so you should protect yourself all the time if you want to survive longer. When you come across an enemy that is strong, just instantly avoid his attack, and enter a safe range to launch your shots back to him. This is very fierce, and for those who are weak, they will die easily. Keep increasing your food chain, then you will be able to achieve some new characters. Have fun!

Video Demo