How to play:

Choose the orb by using your mouse, click at a target position to fire from your orb.

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About Orbs.it


Orbs.it is a great Multiplayer 2D Shooter game consisting of 8 players in the same arena. Jump in the game now and use your skills to defeat all of them. The opponents will fight against each other for gaining the control of 24 orbs. Just like them, you have to circle around a central Sun carefully and try to shoot down the enemies before they eliminate you. Make sure you aim accurately, shoot a certain orb, then you can totally control it after that. The more orbs you have, the higher chance for you to win! If any player doesn’t have any orbs, they will be kicked out of the game soon. And the one who survives until the end will become the ultimate winner. You’d better prepare your strategies as well as have your skills ready to fight off the opponents more efficiently. Are you up for this? Let’s give it a try now!

Video Demo Orbs.it: