How to play:

The mouse is used to direct your squad of sperm.

Rating game:

3 1

About Ovar.io


If you are looking for a new interesting iO game online, then feel free to Ovar.io game now! This one has an exclusive gameplay which totally keeps you addicted for sure. Before spawning into the arena, you can select your preferred class of character. The game puts you in the shoes of a sperm roaming around the map seeking a lot of power-ups. There will be lots of opponent sperms controlled by real players trying to come in your way as well as take you out. So, you have to be quick and smart to get rid of them faster before it’s too late. Attempt to take over as many ovaries as possible so you can work your way up the leaderboard and become the ultimate winner. However, you should always elude the sperm classes that are way stronger than you if you want to survive longer. Are you ready? Give it a try now!

Video Demo Ovar.io:

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