How to play:

Move with keys WASD. Click left mouse button for shooting. Use PUSH mode by clicking the right mouse button.

Rating game:

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Play to meet new players and play against them now! This is a kind of io-styled Multiplayer game that you shouldn’t miss. Once joining, you will have to roam around the map to get rid of all enemies by utilizing plenty of bonuses and power-ups that you have collected. You can totally strike the opponents more quickly with the assistance of the PUSH mode. The foes will never stay still to let you attack them, they will try to dodge or even assault you back. Try your hardest to avoid their strikes and be sure to survive longer for the highest position and the domination of the whole leaderboard. The only way to get an edge over the enemies is to use your strategies. You need to prepare some in order to cope with the foes more easily. Your main objective is to become the best player! So feel free to join the game now and conquer all challenges.
Demo Video

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