How to play:

The mouse is used for jumping, flying and attacking

Rating game:

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About Pie.ai


Pie.ai is a hilarious and unique iO game online with amazing graphics. The gameplay is very simple to all players. You will take control of your character around the map, take a faster leap to absorb all tasty pies and other enemies so you can develop your strength as well as gain more skill points. While doing this task, you may experience the reduction of energy as time passes by. But don’t worry about that! You can totally regain your energy and get better again if you absorb healing pies which are spreading over the arena. Besides other opponents, you should stay watchful for the AI drones chasing you behind. They will kill you instantly by just releasing couple of cherry bombs which are powerful enough to blow you up. Stay away from them as much as you can, keep an eye on the surroundings and always boost your energy. See if you can become a king of the arena or not!

Video Demo Pie.ai: