How to play:

The mouse is used for moving your creature. Shoot projectiles by using the left mouse button.

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About Pikan.io


In Pikan.io, you will meet a lot of skilled opponents from all over the world and challenge them to a fierce battle to see who will be the best creature of all. This awesome Multiplayer iO game will keep you hooked and give you lots of amazing challenges. As a triangle-formed creature, you have to roam around the map to get rid of other opponents by shooting your projectiles. They are your main weapons and you should use them wisely to go slay the foes before they annihilate you. Besides that, growing your size is also a crucial task that you have to carry out. There are plenty of blobs that are scattered around the map, you are supposed to go snatch them up, eat them up in order to increase your mass and become the larger creature over time. When an opponent dies in front of you, just feel free to go eat their dead remains so that you can grow your mass faster. You aim to survive longer in the arena! Wish you luck!

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