How to play:

Your snake will be directed through using keys WASD or arrow keys. Shoot at enemies with numpad + or key I, perform a triple shoot with numpad – or key O. Make a speed boost with numpad * or key P. Jump of head by using spacebar.

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You will find it more interesting and addictive to play which is another io-styled Multiplayer game! The game has a lot of nice features which make it more amazing to play. Just like other popular iO games like or Tron, you will have to direct a little snake around the map to let it eat more foods for the growth and evolution. Eating more foods will make your snake longer and stronger than ever. However, this quest is not easy at all! It’s inevitable to run into other rival snakes. So, when you do, you must avoid colliding with them for your survival. Also, you should stay away from deadly blocks or the edges of the map. Any crashes happen between your snake and those deadly stuff will lead your game to come to an end. Keep increasing your mass, then you can do a lot of things that give you an edge over the enemies such as speed up, shoot faster, or jump into the third dimension and get through all risky blocks without taking any damages. Try your hardest to stay alive longer and become the best snake ever.

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