How to play:

Use the keyboard to type the word, then press key Enter to submit it

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About is a fun iO game that is similar to The game doesn’t consist of any fierce gameplay like other Multiplayer Action games, Shooting games or Racing games. It’s just all about guessing words and testing your source of vocabulary. You will play with many other online friends and try to compete against them for the ultimate victory. The players will have to use their turn wisely to choose a certain word with some prohibited keywords, then, they have to describe the chosen word by giving so many examples. Other players will try to guess what it is. Please take a look at some words that you are not allowed to use to describe your selected word, or else you will break the rule. Make sure you guess the world as fast as possible to gain higher points and become the winner. Think carefully before typing the word. Beat all other players so you can gain the dominance.

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