How to play:

Your shark can be moved and directed around the ocean through the mouse.

Rating game:

2 1

About is a fun game about aggressive and hungry sharks controlled by real players. Join this Multiplayer game right now to meet new other players and battle against them. As a ravenous and hostile shark, you should swim around the large ocean to swallow any edible stuff, including smaller creatures and other opponents. Eat them up for your growth and try to become the stronger shark. Just like other eating and surviving iO games, you also need to protect yourself even if you are a powerful shark. Other nasty enemies can totally eat you up if you stay unaware. So, you have to quickly dodge them and never give them a chance to swallow you. Your main goal is to become the best king of the whole ocean. Try your hardest to achieve your goal and prove your excellent skills to the world. Are you ready? Engage in the game now! Wish you luck!

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