How to play:

Draw stuff with the mouse, and type your words by using keyboard.

Rating game:

22 6

About is a fun-addicting Multiplayer iO game about guessing the words based on various drawings. The game surely keeps you entertained! Also, this is a good chance to test your source of vocabularies too. In the game, you will take your turn to choose a word and then try to draw something that relates to the word you have chosen. Other players will have to try to guess what that word is by looking at your drawings. Similarly, you need to think harder and think faster when trying to guess the word based on the drawings of your opponents. Make sure you type your word more quickly to earn a lot of points. The game features four rounds, you will become an ultimate winner if you have the highest score through 4 rounds. That sounds so amazing, right? Let’s engage in the game now and see how many scores you can earn!

Video Demo

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