How to play:

Fly your aircraft by using the mouse. Shoot at enemies by using the left mouse button.

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Here comes a new fun Multiplayer game in iO series! Play right now to conquer a lot of challenges and present your best piloting skill. You have to direct your own combat aircraft and fly it around in the sky to go demolish other opponent planets controlled by real players from around the world. Every attack you launch must be done in a strategic and careful way since the enemies can overwhelm you and take you out easily. You’d better keep an eye on the surroundings while flying around. Set a nice direction, aim precisely and launch your assaults to the opponents. Make sure you always stay at the back of the foes. They can’t respond to your attacks if you’re behind them. Use this tip to your advantage and try your hardest to survive as long as possible in this fierce arena. Play the game now and see if you can take the lead or not!

Video Demo

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