How to play:

Move your character by using keys WASD or arrow keys. You can run with spacebar or key Ctrl. Click left mouse button for shooting, reload your gun with key R or key Shift. And use your katana with the right mouse button.

Rating game:

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Pick up your weapons and go slay all nasty enemies in a tough iO game called! There are plenty of challenges awaiting you ahead. You will be taken to a nice 2D arena where surviving is your main goal. As a nimble slime, you need to make a good use of your gun and katana to aim and shoot down all the opponents. Don’t think of anything else besides killing the enemies and protecting yourself. Those are your main goals that must be achieved at all cost. If you want to boost your power, just feel free to collect new weapons and amass more DNA samples in order to evolve yourself into a powerful Super Slime. You need to climb the highest position on the leaderboard, and to do so, you have to gain a lot of experiences as well as survive as long as possible. Show off all your skills and become the best player of all!

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