How to play:

Move your character by using keys WASD. Click left mouse button to shoot, right mouse button for jumping and dodging. Press key R to reload your gun, keys Q/E to utilize your skills, key F for aiming. Select the weapon with keys 0-9, and chat with other friends by pressing key Enter.

Rating game:

3 1


Get ready to slay all tough opponents in a slashing Shooting game online called! This is an io-styled Multiplayer game giving you a chance to meet more players and it features a lot of challenges to conquer. You take on a role of an aggressive fighter who has to kill all foes and try to survive longer to become the king of the arena. At first, you only have a simple rifle, and using it all the time won’t give you enough strength to fight off the opponents. So, finding some heavier weapons around the arena is a must if you want to power up yourself. Once you have a lot of weapons in your hands, you need to use them wisely in the battle and never let the enemies take the upper hand. Just go destroy all the rivals as fast as possible! You have to survive longer and take the lead.

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