How to play:

Use the mouse to control your snake, click left mouse button to make a speed boost.

Rating game:

19 8


Become the longest and strongest snake ever in a popular Multiplayer iO game called! This is one of the best iO games that you shouldn’t miss. You play as a snake trying to eat up a lot of orbs dispersing around the map in order to gain more size and become longer. The scattered orbs bring you some mass, but you will be able to increase your mass faster through eating the dead remnants of some opponent snakes controlled by real players. To kill them, you need to cut them off, tempt and force them to run into your body. When they die, you have to go grab their remnants as fast as possible. While eating, you must also keep an eye on other snakes around, because they can do the same to you and kill you instantly if you stay unaware. You can make a speed boost while moving, but that will cost some mass you have gained. Try your hardest to become the most powerful snake of the whole round. Good luck!

Video Demo