How to play:

Control your snake by using left/right arrow keys. You can accelerate your snake by using spacebar.

Rating game:

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About is a kind of Multiplayer game with iO style. Let’s give it a try now and see how long your snake can be. Similar to, you will try your best to develop the size of your snake and make it the unbeatable one. You have to eat up a lot of foods that are scattering around the map as much as possible so your snake can be longer and more powerful. Do not run into the body and tail of other snakes, if you accidently crash into them, you will get blown up, causing your game to be over. Conversely, if you are a skilled player with an evil scheme, you can try to force them to crash into your body or encircle them with your long body. They will be incapable of escaping, and you can totally kill them with that tactic. Sometimes, you can make a speed boost too, but make sure you have a large amount of mass before speeding your snake up. See how long you can last!

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