How to play:

Control your character with keys WASD. You can fire a snowball by clicking the left mouse button.

Rating game:

3 1


Fight against other skilled opponents in now! This is a great Multiplayer iO game where you have to use snowballs as your main weapon. The game sets in a unique arena, and you will meet a lot of rivals there. Go team up with your friends and support each other in order to take out all the opponents before they kill you. You are supposed to create your stronghold, grab the snowballs, aim and throw them at the enemies accurately. Make sure you elude their attacks to defend yourself for a longer survival. Also, you have to keep an eye on the bears! They are a risk to your team, and you can get totally destroyed if they hit you. Your team must stay alive longer so that you guys can touch the glory and take the lead in the round. Let’s begin the game now and try your hardest to conquer all!

Video Demo

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