How to play:

Control your ship around by using keys WASD. Click left mouse button to shoot the enemies. Press keys 1-6 for skill upgrades.

Rating game:

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Entertain yourself and give a test to your skills in a great Multiplayer game called! The game focuses on shooting asteroids and other enemies for the skill points. You will take control of your ship around the space to hunt for your targets. When you see a certain enemy that is moving nearby you, just make sure you aim and shoot him down as fast as possible. Don’t shoot him late, or else you will end up being killed first. Don’t be kind to any enemies! The players in this arena are extremely aggressive and willingly kill each other without hesitance. Defend your ship all the time, increase your skill points by killing more foes or shooting asteroids. Once your skill points are increased, you can spend them on new skills. Keep your ship upgraded more frequently, and take advantage of exploding asteroids. But make sure you won’t crash into those asteroids. Have fun!

Video Demo