How to play:

Use arrow keys to control your spaceship, shoot at enemies with left mouse button. Thrust forward with key W, and turn your spaceship with keys A/D.

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About is a new iO game online in which you have to battle against numerous opponents and do whatever it takes to stay alive for 2 minutes to get the victory. The game takes place in space filled with spaceships directed by players. You need to fly around the galaxy to take out all enemies that are in your sight. Make the photon attacks your enemy, and you will get 1 point from that. Do not crash into other players. If you have a weaker shield, you will be the first one that gets destroyed from the collision. You will catch sight of various asteroids while flying. Make sure you won’t run into them because they are not harmful, vice versa, they are very friendly. Stay focused on killing the enemies, earn 100 points first and survive at least 2 minutes! Achieve those targets will make you become the ultimate winner of the round.

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