How to play:

Use arrow keys or keys WASD to control and move your character in the game.

Rating game:

6 2

About Splix.io


Splix.io gives you a chance to build up a whole big territory. Join this amazing Multiplayer iO game right now to experience a lot of challenges and play against new opponents. You are given a small realm first, and you must direct your character around the map to capture a bunch of blocks, then carefully return to your realm to connect the captured blocks with your main base. All you have to do is to move around then get back, but while moving, you have to stay watchful for other enemies that are doing the same mission. If they crash into your tail, your game will be over instantly, and all the blocks you have captured will be gone. But you can follow this strategy to get rid of the foes if you want. Try to run into their body to take over their blocks and kick them out of the game arena. You will be able to lead the match if you gain plenty of mass. Have fun!

Video Demo Splix.io:

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