How to play:

Use keys W or Z to shoot food, key X to shoot poison. Create a wall with key C, and get rid of your wall with key V. Tap spacebar to split.

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About Spred.io


Take a chance to join Spred.io and be prepared for a confrontation with new friends from around the globe. This Multiplayer iO game brings you a lot of challenges to play. You have only one objective here, which is vanquishing the entire map as fast as possible while trying to survive all the attacks of the enemies. To do so, you have to expand your territory by changing a lot of other tiles into yours and go slay the foes to take over their realms. Try to shoot the poison to make the enemies weaker, or demolish their walls. Provide your territory with a full protection by building up a powerful wall around it. But you need to learn that the walls will not bring you any mass, only your realm does! Just keep trying to kill more enemies and always leave your realm defended. Alright, no more waiting! Jump in the game now and conquer all challenges!

How to play Spred.io: