How to play:

Direct your spaceship by using the mouse or arrow keys. Tap spacebar to shoot. Or ou can move with the mouse and shoot with left mouse button.

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About is a nice Multiplayer iO game taking you to a fierce battle that takes place in unique space filled with a lot of opponents. Just like other iO games, you will have to fight against various spaceships directed by real rivals. Try to move your ship around the map cleverly, pick up plenty of gems that are scattering around. The more you collect, the stronger stats you will have. The game also allows you to evolve your spaceship into a new powerful type if you level up all your stats. The new spaceship will surely help you kill the enemies more efficiently and quickly. Don’t let any opponents get an edge over you! Or else, you won’t be able to increase your rank and lead the match. Your main goal is to survive longer and fight for the ultimate victory as well as the highest supremacy. Are you up for this? Check it out now!

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