How to play:

Move your character with arrow keys or keys WASD Click left mouse button to pick up resources, craft items and battle against enemies

Rating game:

10 2


You will have to prepare yourself and have your skills ready to get into a fierce arena in! This is a cool yet challenging Multiplayer iO game You play as a survivor trying to overcome two challenges, coldness and hunger. To do so, you have to create a lot of items by using various collected materials and resources that are scattering around the map. Try your hardest to craft a bunch of stuff and use them wisely to resist the cold and fill your empty belly with many foods. You should plant more seeds and build up a large garden to make sure your source of supplies and foods is always stable. There will be over opponents trying to attack and kill you. Therefore, you must prepare your tactics and skills to fight them off for your survival. Keep your tools and other equipment upgraded over time by searching for gold and many diamond resources. Are you ready? Give it a try now!

Demo Video

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