How to play:

Direct your character by using the mouse

Rating game:

4 2


Play another popular Multiplayer iO game named! The game sets in a slashing arena where surviving and building up large territories are the main objectives of all players. In the game, you will have to direct your character around the map for capturing a lot of hexagons, then you need to get back to your principal base to connect them. Once they are connected, your territory will be bigger a lot. Keep doing so until you rank first on the leaderboard. However, you must be careful with other enemies while moving around. They will take any chances to run into our tail in order to get rid of you and take over your hexagons. Don’t let them do that, or you won’t be able to survive longer. Use your strategies and skills wisely to fight them off and make an attempt to create the biggest territory ever! You ready? Join the game right now!

Video Demo

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