How to play:

Use keys WASD for controlling your spaceship. Shoot at foes with the mouse, and utilize the power-ups with spacebar

Rating game:

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Here comes another amazing Multiplayer 2D shooter game online! Jump in for a lot of challenges and take this opportunity to show off your abilities and meet new friends. You are equipped with a spaceship and you must fly it around space to battle against a lot of opponents. With some powerful weapons you have, you can totally kill the enemies and take them out of the arena. To boost your strength, you should go collect plenty of silver weapon boxes around the map. They are known as nice power-ups that surely give you further strength. So, you have to use them wisely when battling against the foes. Also, upgrading your stats to a higher level is an important thing. With leveled-up stats, you will totally take the upper hand, and have a higher chance to lead the match. Alright, let’s launch this iO game right now to explore all! Wish you luck!

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