How to play:

Take control of your snake by using arrow keys, mouse or keys WASD. Press key W or S to assault.

Rating game:

4 1

About is another famous Multiplayer game online where you play as a snake trying to destroy other opponent snakes by utilizing your weapons and tactics. Engage in the game and take this chance to show off your amazing skills! In the game, your snake automatically moves and it’s unstoppable. The only way you can direct it is to make it turn left or right. So, make sure you maneuver your snake carefully to get past all obstacles like barricades and defeat all other nasty enemies. When you bump into a certain smaller foe, you should quickly spit poison to kill it instantly, and utilize your powerful mines to get rid of the larger snakes. Always keep an eye on the surroundings since the enemy snakes can totally launch your attacks to you. Don’t forget to collect more foods around the map to increase your size and become the largest snake of all. Wish you luck!

Video Demo