How to play:

Direct your tank by using keys WASD. Tap spacebar or click left mouse button to shoot at enemies.

Rating game:

4 0

About Tankar.io


Tankar.io is a fun iO game online that allows you to become an excellent tank commander and controller whose mission is to go slay all other opponents and try to lead your team to a final victory. Since the game is pretty much team-based, you need to work with your teammates properly to boost your strength and get rid of the foes more easily. Move around the map like a skilled tank and try to pick up a bunch of scattered orbs for growing your size. You can eat the mass dropped by the dead players too, those dead mass will help you get larger and stronger fast. Always stay watchful for the surroundings, especially the enemies and the dangerous shapes. They can damage and kill you if you stay unaware. When the shapes turn red, you mustn’t go through them! But when they don’t, it will be safe for you to move through. Make sure you kill all baddies, survive longer and become the best tank ever!

Video Demo Tankar.io:

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