How to play:

Use the mouse to control your ship in an opposite direction. Click LMB to shoot, and tap spacebar to use your ability.

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Are you ready for the new challenges in a new iO game called Say hi to the game now and take this opportunity to confront with new players. Similar to other space combat games, the player will be able to pilot their chosen ship around the galaxy to fulfill the mission. Every single class of the ship is equipped with a unique ability which can be seen as a super power that helps player defeat the enemies more efficiently. Hence, you have to make a good use of your ship’s skill when you deal with the foes. try to aim carefully, shoot down all players that are weaker than you as you try to avoid stronger players. Besides that, you must shoot the asteroids scattering around so you can earn more points as well as purchase new upgrades. The hard point of the game is that you have to move your ship in an opposite direction. Try to get used to it, move carefully and beat the challenges.

Video Demo