How to play:

Use the left mouse button to assault, use the bonus items with the right mouse button. Press key Enter to chat.

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About Ufowars.io


Ufowars.io is a Multiplayer team-based game online that you can play as either a wicked enemy or an Earth defender. You will engage in a team, the Rebels or the Earth Protectors and try your hardest to complete your given mission. If you like to experience something rebellious and want to do dirty work, then welcome you to the Rebels team. But if you are a peace lover and want to kill the enemies, then you will become the defender of the Earth. Whichever team you choose, you need to make sure that you can get rid of all the opponents and lead your team to the final victory. Kill the rebels and bring the freedom back the Earth, or you can go try to damage the Earth and remove all its protectors. Attempt to work with your teammates and always have your skills ready. Are you up for this? Play the game now!

Video Demo Ufowars.io:

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