How to play:

Move and boost forward with key A. Press keys A/D to steer your spaceship, spacebar to shoot at foes, and use key Shift to activate your shield

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It must be fun to fly around the galaxy and fight against many enemies! Play now to experience that challenge and start to vanquish all tough challenges. This awesome Multiplayer iO game won’t let you down! You will have to control your spaceship and try to shoot down the adversaries that come in your way. With the powerful shield attached to your spaceship, it will help protect you from the dangers around, especially when you are not strong enough to respond to the attacks of the foes. The enemies are so evil and they won’t be hesitant to kill you. Hence, you must watch out the surroundings while roaming around the space and try to avoid the enemies’ strikes. While flying, you will see some asteroids and you can totally fly through them if you want. They are totally safe and won’t damage you! Your main objective is to survive longer! Play the game now and build your dominance!

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