How to play:

Use WASD for the movements. Use left/right arrow keys for camera, up arrow key or the LMB to fire, toggle the mouse lock by using the RMB. Press key H for hot key info, key M for mini map, keys 1-2 for emotion, key Tab for upgrading or ranking, key Esc to exit.

Rating game:

3 1

About Warbot.io


Get yourself ready for a combat between robots in Warbot.io game! With this free-for-all IO game, you can pick one of three game modes before starting your challenges. You control your robots to go battle against other enemies. Make a good use of walls and traps to assault them, elude the dazzling cliffs with some terrible explosions. You should get behind the walls then shoot at the back of your rivals. The game goal is to become the last man standing to dominate the arena.

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