How to play:

Use keys WASD for directing your spaceship. Use the mouse to scroll the camera.

Rating game:

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About Warin.space


Warin.space is another great browser-based Multiplayer game with iO style. Don’t miss this game if you want to meet more players and play with them. Once joining, you will have to direct your own spaceship and try your best to go destroy a lot of opponent spaceships around. The key element that will lead you to the glory is to work with your teammates. Teamwork is very crucial and important in this game. Only working in a team will bring you an edge over the enemies, and you will find it easier to destroy them. Your spaceship is able to harvest resources and other stuff around the map, so make sure you keep it upgraded over time, and let your spaceship evolve into another type of ship that is bigger, stronger and more invincible. The game goal is to survive longer and develop your rank to the top on the leaderboard. Wish you luck!

Demo Video Warin.space:

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