How to play:

Use the mouse to direct your worm. Click left mouse button for a speed boost.

Rating game:

8 0

About Wormate.io


Looking for another iO game like Slither.io? Feel free to explore a new one called Wormate.io which is a great Multiplayer game focusing on eating and surviving. You will take on a role of a small worm that is trying to increase your size to become bigger and longer. Move around the map filled with a lot of tasty foods, like candies, cookies, cakes and other stuff, then, carefully go absorb them as much as you can for gaining more mass. The more you eat, the larger you are. Just kike Slither.io, eating and hunting for your foods never seem so easy! Other worms will disturb and try to kill you anytime they can. Make sure you stay watchful for them, and never crash into their body or tail, if you have a body collision with any worms, even the smaller ones, your game will come to an end instantly. But you can try to lure and tempt them to crash into your body. When they die, you need to absorb their dead remnants to develop your mass faster. You aim to become the biggest worm of the whole arena. Wish you luck!

Video Demo Wormate.io:

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