How to play:

Use the mouse to move your worm. Click left mouse to speed up, press key W to stop if there is a foe behind you, and use key E when you are surrounded.

Rating game:

5 2

About Wormax.io


If you are tired of playing Slither.io, or Wormate.io, then why don’t you give Wormax.io a try? This is also known as an amazing and addictive Multiplayer iO game that follows the basic concepts of other iO games. The game features better graphics, and you will totally experience them once joining. Also, there are some nice upgrades and improvements added to the game, which will surely make it more tactical and tougher than other previous games. You will have to take control of your worm and try your hardest to grow your size through eating various foods scattering around or absorbing the dead remnants of killed worms. Or you can try your hardest to kill some enemy worms by cutting them off or making them crash into your body. But make sure that you protect yourself all the time because other worms may do the same to kill you. See how long you can survive! Good luck!

Video Demo Wormax.io:

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