How to play:

Direct your pieces and scroll the camera by using the mouse.

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About Xess.io


Xess.io is a great Multiplayer Strategy game that is pretty much similar to Chess games. If you are looking for a new strategic iO game, then this one is a perfect choice for you. In the game, you have to control your King and try to go capture a lot of pieces as well as keep your King protected. The more pieces you capture, the stronger defense you will have. Your King is really important, and everything will come to an end if he gets destroyed by the enemies. Always plan your moves cleverly, prepare your strategies, think harder and understand your pieces well. Your main objective is to take over the entire map, prolong your life and build up your dominance! This is a unique game that can keep you hooked and give you a good chance to show off your skills. Let’s engage in it now and see if you can achieve your goal or not!

Video Demo Xess.io:

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