How to play:

Use keys WASD for moving, click left mouse button to collect resources, attack enemies or build the base. Use right mouse button or key Esc to deselect. Tap spacebar for auto assault, press keys E/T/F for quick upgrade, sell and heal, respectively. And select weapons with key Q

Rating game:

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About ZOMBS.io


Zombs.io is a challenging Multiplayer tower defense game in which you have to fight off a lot of hordes of nasty zombies. All players are required to create their own strong base so they can defend yourself and survive all the attacks of the zombies. To do so, you must go around the map collecting stone and wood, then make a good use of them to construct your base. Another task you should carry out is that you must produce as much gold as possible. Place the gold mines carefully to gain more gold, build up some turrets around them for the better defense. When you earn a lot of gold, you can spend them on lots of upgrades or new items in the shop. Your walls are very important and they need to be improved through over time as the waves of zombies are getting stronger. Are you ready? Play the game now and see how long you can survive.

Video Demo Zombs.io: