How to play:

Control your planet by using the mouse. Speed up your blob with key W, and stop moving by using key S.  

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About Zor.bio


Engage in a new game like Agar.io and try to explore interesting new stuff! Zor.bio is so proud to become the next Multiplayer iO game that attracts many players all over the world. You play as a small blob that is able to fly around the galaxy and try to collect a lot of orbs to increase your mass. Eating the orbs much will bring you more strength and get your blob larger through over time. However, this quest is not easy at all! You have to keep an eye on many enemies that are carrying out the same mission and stay watchful for the larger planets as well. These foes will swallow you if you stay unaware, causing your game to come to an end. Always leave your blob well protected and never stop increasing its mass. The longer you survive, the higher chance you will dominate the whole arena! Try it now!

Video Demo Zor.bio:

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